On Sunday,  1 July 2001 at 14:22:36 -0500, Patrick Hartling wrote:
> Alfred Perlstein <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> * Patrick Hartling <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [010630 14:04] wrote:
>>> I just got two new hard drives, and I am preparing to set them up to do
>>> RAID-1 with Vinum.  A few weeks ago (around the time that use of DEVFS
>>> became the default in -current), I saw a message saying that Vinum was
>>> not yet ready for use with DEVFS.  Is that still the case?
>> I fixed that. :)  Let me and Grog know if you have problems.
> Everything seems to be okay with the vinum device node creation, but I
> am having problems with my vinum configuration.  I basically copied this
> from an example in the online documentation (which is also in the
> vinum(8) manpage);
> drive da3e device /dev/da3s1e
> drive da4e device /dev/da4s1e
> volume mirror
>   plex org concat
>     sd length 12g drive da3e
>   plex org concat
>     sd length 12g drive da4e
> When I do 'vinum create', I get the following:
>    1: drive da3e device /dev/da3s1e
> ** 1 : Invalid argument
>    2: drive da4e device /dev/da4s1e
> ** 2 : Invalid argument
>    3: volume mirror
>    4:   plex org concat
>    5:     sd length 12g drive da3e
>    6:   plex org concat
>    7:     sd length 12g drive da4e
> Which one is the invalid argument,

The name of the partition.

> and why is it invalid?

I can't say for sure, since you don't supply the info asked for in the
man page and the web page.  But I'd be prepared to bet that your
da3s1e and da4s1e partitions are not of type Vinum.  Look for
'disklabel' in the man page.

BTW, it's bad practice to name your drives after the partition on
which they are currently resident.  You can take those two drives and
swap their SCSI IDs.  Vinum will still find them and operate
correctly, but your da3s1e partition will be drive da4e, and da4s1e
will be drive da3e, which is completely confusing.

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