If you use the buildkernel/installkernel method in current to build
your kernels, nothing has changed and can ignore the rest of this
message.  If you use the classic/developers method to build your
kernels, read on.

You need a new config after july 1, 2001[*].  The compile directory has
moved from src/sys/compile/FOO to src/sys/$MACHINE/compile/FOO.  This
allows us to compile multiple architectures' GENERIC/LINT files in one
tree.  As we get more architectures in the tree, this becomes critical
to more of our developers.

If you wish to keep the old config directory location, I suggest:
        config -d `pwd`/../../config/FOO FOO

Also, if you wanted to move the compile directory directly (eg mv
src/sys/compile/FOO src/sys/alpha/compile/FOO), you must remove the
machine link and reconfig.  However, if you go this route, you are on
your own if things go wrong.

Alternatively, you can also put a symbolic link from src/sys/compile
to src/sys/MACHINE/compile if you have only one MACHINE.  However,
this may cause problems with cvs and/or cvsup (eg, the author hasn't
tested it).


[*] Actually, the directory was moved on June 29, but there were a
number of fixes that dribbled in over the next two days to knock the
rough edges off of things.

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