On Tue, Jul 03, 2001 at 09:04:23AM +1000, Peter Jeremy wrote:

> Alternatively, given the XXX comment, why not delete the local copies
> of str{cpy,len}() and just usr the library versions?  The original
> reason appears to be to avoid the possibility that str{cpy,len}() are
> not re-entrant.  The FreeBSD ones _are_ re-entrant and it doesn't seem
> likely that we will re-write them not to be re-entrant.

I don't have an alpha around to test any of these changes.
If someone can test a kernel with these functions removed, and/or
replaced by gdb_xxx equivalents, and says that it works for them, its
ok with me.

What you suggest about reentrancy seems OK though :-)


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