Steven G. Kargl wrote:

> I updated a pre june 13th current to a july 3 current.
> Ran mergemaster and installed /etc/diskcheckd.conf
> without modification.  Upon reboot I saw 1000s of the 
> following message streaming up the console:
> dscheck(cd0): bio_bcount 512 is not on a sector boundary (ssize 2048)
> Checking /var/log/messages I find (note date and machine name removed):
> diskcheckd[213]: /dev/cd0 has 2048 byte sectors, may cause minor problems
> /boot/kernel/kernel: dscheck(cd0): bio_bcount 512 is not on a sector boun
> dary (ssize 2048)
> last message repeated 3 times
> diskcheckd[213]: error reading 512 bytes from sector 0 on /dev/cd0

I was gonna commit a fix for this, but after reporting the problem DES
never tested the patch I supplied. :-(

I'll commit it later hopefully; se@ did test it and it worked for him...

> As a side question, why is diskcheckd even looking at at /dev/cd0?

Because my only current system when I was writing diskcheckd didn't have
a CD drive so I didn't think to tell it not to check them.  Sorry...

I'll commit a patch soon that allows you to specify drives to exclude,
and the default config file will exclude cd*, acd*, and md*.

Also, you shouldn't get these errors soon even if diskcheckd did try to
check the CD drive, because it will no longer read in 512 byte blocks.

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