I've committed another round of ACPI changes to -current.

The major addition is CPU throttling support.  This is implemented using
ACPI, not any vendor-specific technology, so it should work on any
platform that exports the relevant information.  By default, the CPU will
run at 100% in 'performance' mode and 50% in 'economy' mode, however these
levels can be adjusted with the following sysctls:

        hw.acpi.cpu.max_speed: 8
        hw.acpi.cpu.current_speed: 8
        hw.acpi.cpu.performance_speed: 8
        hw.acpi.cpu.economy_speed: 4

max_speed is the highest setting (fastest) (read only)
current_speed is the current CPU throttling setting (read only)
performance_speed is the target setting in 'performance' mode (read/write)
economy_speed is the target setting in 'economy' mode (read/write)

Future enhancements may involve interactions with the scheduler or load
average calculations to reduce power consumption when the system is idle
or lightly loaded, hence the tunable levels being 'targets'.

As with previous updates, any comments/feedback are welcome.

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