On 06-Jul-01 Jordan Hubbard wrote:
> Well, unless implicit pointer-to-int conversions have suddenly become
> fatal, it blew up on something that just got fixed (I went to commit
> the fix and found that someone else had already done so in the last 12
> hours).  The world build has been restarted and is running again.

Matt Jacob usually steps in and fixes breakages on the alpha.  At the minimum,
people should be either testing the build on all archs, or asking for someone
else to review the patch on archs they don't have available (this last is a
more feasible means as we add more and more archs, we can't expect everyone to
own a x86, sparc64, ppc, alpha, and ia64).  In the WARNS= case, another
workable method would be to commit the warning fixes but don't commit the
actual WARNS= change until the build has been verified on all archs.


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