Does anyone know of a place where I can find old current snapshots? only goes back to April, and I'd like to find
something earlier.  I am trying to find out why a 4.3 SMP kernel will
boot on a SuperMicro 6010H while a current kernel hangs.  I am taking
the rather tedious approach of trying to isolate when the breakage
might have occurred by installing the oldest version of 5.0 I can
easily get my hands on and working my way forward.

I am running a make release with a tag of PRE_SMPNG, but given my
operable hardware it's going to be days before I have something from
that (provided nothing is broken).

dave c

Dave Cornejo @ Dogwood Media, Fremont, California (also [EMAIL PROTECTED])
  "There aren't any monkeys chasing us..." - Xochi

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