It seems Benjamin Close wrote:
> Hi All,
>       FreeBSD -current hasn't correctly detected the CDROM drive in my laptop
> for some time now. I've traced the problem down to the drive returning
> an invalid ATAPI_LSB_MAGIC and ATAPI_MSB_MAGIC which is checked at line
> 704 in dev/ata/ata-all.c
> It returns d0 d0, which I believe is an overflow indication. My work
> around for this currently is comment out the if statement (as shown in
> the attached patch). Whilst, it's not elegant, it works. 

That patch will allow non-ATAPI devices to sneak past the probe,
which is not a good thing. If your drive doesn't return the
ATAPI magic's it is broken as this is a non dispensible part of
the spec. However it might be that your drive just has some
wierd timing requirements, so playing a bit with DELAY(N) in
the right places could do the trick.

> --- dev/ata/ata-all.c   Thu Jul 12 09:23:54 2001
> +++ dev/ata/       Thu Jul 12 09:22:04 2001
> @@ -701,7 +701,7 @@
>                 if (bootverbose)
>                     ata_printf(scp, ATA_SLAVE,
>                                "ATAPI probe %02x %02x\n", lsb, msb);
> -               if (lsb == ATAPI_MAGIC_LSB && msb == * ATAPI_MAGIC_MSB)
                                        this is not in the official sources

> +               /*if (lsb == ATAPI_MAGIC_LSB && msb == *
>                      scp->devices |= ATA_ATAPI_SLAVE;
>              }
>          }


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