Back on March 15/2001, Garrett Wollman wrote:
>I have finally produced another version of the big header file patch
>for people to look at.  I'm still running an older (January) kernel
>and world based on these changes.  I have verified that these still
>build on i386-architecture systems.  I'm looking for some people to
>do the following:
>1) Look at the changes to machine-dependent i386 headers and make
>    analogous changes, or verify the changes I've made, in the Alpha
>    and IA64 code.
>2) Test it.  I'm interested not only in whether it runs -- I'm fairly
>    confident of that -- but also in what external software it breaks,
>    if any.
>I'm expecting to make a third pass over the header files once Austin
>Group draft 6 is issued.  (Draft 7 is expected to be the final text.)
>However, I really, really want to get this checked in so that we can
>all have a framework on which to work.
>The patch has now gotten too large for some e-mail systems, so I'm
>making it available via the Web at
>    <>.

As I'm sitting here picking off the occasional compile-time warnings
in lpr&friends, I'm wondering about the status & timeline of this big
posix-push patch.  (one of the warnings I'm getting would be solved
by the changes to <grp.h> in this patch).

Is the goal to have this patch in current for "5.0-release" later this
year?  If so, what milestones should we be shooting for?  Is this going
to show up in 4-stable too, or is it too widespread a change to try
and MFC it?  (I am not suggesting it SHOULD be MFC'ed, I'm just

[also, it seems to me there was a more recent message about this
patch, but it seems I didn't save that one]

I've got this idea of trying to build an alternate /usr/include on
my -current machine, and then see how it works by switching between
the current /usr/include and an alternate version which included
the latest version of this patch.  On the other hand, I do a lot
more day-to-day living on a -stable system, so I'm not sure how
much of a test I'd give these changes on my -current system.

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