On 15-Jul-2001 Juriy Goloveshkin wrote:
| Stopped at strcmp+0x18: movb 0(%ecx),%al
| strcmp
| link_elf_lookup_symbol
| kldsym
| syscal
| syscal_with_err_pushed
| syscall(377, FreeBSD ELF, kldsym)

This probably isn't too useful, but I've seen the same exact backtrace when I
had the random device statically compiled into the kernel and was also loading
the random KLD, it would always crash when starting the linux version of
netscape. Removing the random device from the kernel config fixed the problem.
So you don't happen to be doing anything similar are you?


  Mike Heffner         <mheffner@[acm.]vt.edu>
  Fredericksburg, VA       <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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