Hi all,

I've just finished syncing up our libedit to the version in NetBSD,
which includes a number of bugfixes, but perhaps more interestingly it
can function as a drop-in (apparently binary compatible) replacement
for GNU libreadline (unfortunately it's not binary compatible with our
present libedit).  I've tested this so far with bc and gdb and it
seems to indeed work as expected, though I've not yet done a full make
world with the patches.

I've tried not to spam any previous FreeBSD changes (which should
probably be submitted back to NetBSD to keep us fully in sync), but I
may have missed something and will check again later.  I've CC'ed the
FreeBSD people who have made most of the (few) changes to libedit on
our side in case they have time to verify the diffs.

Fetch the following file and unpack it in /usr/src; it will overwrite
the contents of lib/libedit.  You should also disable libreadline in
gnu/lib/Makefile (and might want to remove /usr/include/readline/* to
make sure it picks up the new versions).


Comments welcome.


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