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> >From: j mckitrick <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> >When I try
> >cvs -R co -f src/sys/dev/ppbus/immio.c
> >I get version 1.15.  When I look at the .c,v file in the cvs tree, it says
> >HEAD is 1.16, but $Id says it is 1.15.  The same string expanded in the web
> >cvs tree says 1.16.  It seems I am always one behind, even though HEAD in
> >the cvs file reflects the -current version.
> >What silly mistake am I making?
> Probably didn't actually specify the proper CVSROOT directory.

Or maybe you have a sticky tag or sticky date set on that file.  You
can find out with "cvs status".  To clear it, use "-A" instead of
"-f" in your cvs checkout command.  (Why are you using -f anyway?
I've never yet encountered a situation in this project where it was

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