Dag-Erling Smorgrav wrote:
> but interestingly,
> when I then rebooted with the previous kernel, the trackpoint worked.
> Both kernels were identical except for the hints, which I compile
> statically.  No fiddling with the BIOS or anything.  I'm now using the
> exact same kernel that didn't work before, with the exact same hints,
> on the exact same hardware, and I get the exact same PnP "can't assign
> resources" messages as before, but the trackpoint works.

Cold boot or warm boot?

FreeBSD's keyboard probes are really obnoxious; on PC-class
hardware, it should leave the damn things where the BIOS
puts them.

FreeBSD has problems with a number of Belkin switches, and
while the newer firmware (1.9) works on the smaller switches
when FreeBSD is not actively selected, the bigger ones still
puke FreeBSD out and make it lose the keyboard and mouse,
and the remote ones really don't work at all.

No problem with NT, Linux, Windows, etc. (of course).

-- Terry

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