On Fri, Jul 06, 2001 at 12:52:06AM -0500, a little birdie told me
that Dan Nelson remarked
> In the last episode (Jul 06), David Scheidt said:
> > 
> > I've dodged that problem by SIGSTOPing installworld a couple times during
> > the /sbin install, waiting for softupdates to catchup, and then SIGCONTing
> > it.  That's a pain; it's ugly, but it does work.  Easier than a reboot,
> > sometimes.
> My workaround when it bit me was to run a "while sleep 1 ; do sync ;
> done" loop in another window to speed up the softupdate clock.  I
> suppose cranking down the kern.{file,meta,dir}delay sysctls would have
> done the same thing.

Meanwhile, I've completely avoided the problem.
All of my (ufs) filesystems are running with softupdates, except /.  I've
got plenty of free space on it, but:
/dev/da0s1a on / (ufs, local, synchronous)

/var, /usr, /tmp, etc are all on their own filesystems (/tmp is newfs'd
on boot, too; THAT's how you avoid cleaning race conditions ;), so the
only time writes happen on it is when I installworld or edit something in
/etc; either way, I like knowing it's there when it says it is.  Of
course, it does slow the installworlds down to an astonishing degree.

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