* Hajimu UMEMOTO <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [010715 12:31] wrote:
> ume> Index: sys/net/if.c
> ume> diff -u sys/net/if.c.orig sys/net/if.c
> ume> --- sys/net/if.c.orig    Mon Jul 16 01:39:34 2001
> ume> +++ sys/net/if.c Mon Jul 16 01:51:49 2001
> Oops, it was wrong version.

One trick is to pass a "waitok" parameter, the INET6 code would
call it with it set to zero, however most other consumers would
call it with it set to one meaning they can block.

-Alfred Perlstein [[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Ok, who wrote this damn function called '??'?
And why do my programs keep crashing in it?

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