> sos> Well, sortof, the ata driver doesn't allow for sharing irq14&15 
> sos> since lots of boards doesn't work that way. However if you need
> sos> it you can try to add the shared flag in the driver and see if 
> sos> it works on yours. Hmm, maybe I should make this tunable...
> It this patch OK? I've tested a kernel with this patch and it works.
> This patch simply adds a new kernel MIB (hw.ata.shareable in this
> patch, but I have no idea about its name), and if this MIB value is
> non-zero, ata driver doesn't drop RF_SHAREABLE bit for BUS_ALLOC_RESOURCE().

No.  This is utterly bogus.

There is absolutely no reason for the ata driver not to simply set 
RF_SHAREABLE and be done with it.  It's up to the driver's parent (isa, 
pci, etc) to decide whether the interrupt is in fact shareable or not.

The ata driver itself can share interrupts just fine, and it should 
reflect this in its interrupt allocation.

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