* Jake Bishop <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [010717 02:28] wrote:
> Hello,
> There is a problem with with running Xfree86 with FreeBSD on the Asus
> A7A266 motherboards.
> I have tried with 4.3 RELEASE 4.3 STABLE and now 5.0 CURRENT with 2
> different video cards.
> ( ATI Radeon and a Matrox G450).This motherboard has the ALiMAGiK1 M1647
> chipset.
> There are several other people with this hardware having the same
> problem.Is there a fix?.

I doubt that FreeBSD is your problem.  which version of xfree are
you using?  i would try installing the 4.1.0 version of xfree from
ports or packages.

-Alfred Perlstein [[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Ok, who wrote this damn function called '??'?
And why do my programs keep crashing in it?

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