>>>>> "Søren" == Søren Schmidt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Søren> Hmm, I havn't changed anything in the ATA driver lately, so I
Søren> dont know what should have caused this malfunction. When was
Søren> the last date -current worked for you ?>

I don't know exactly, but I started noticing problems about one month
ago. Just to make sure, SSE isn't enabled by default, is it? (looks
like it is not according to NOTES)

However, the mean time between crashes has been increased since I
removed PostgreSQL, Zope and Squid, which were sometimes disk
intensive (especially Squid).

Is there any way the dump I generated could help? (e.g., for checking
invariants or locking structures of the disk?)

Samuel Tardieu -- [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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