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> I have isolated the point at which current no longer runs as Jan 31 -
> Feb 1 of this year.  Prior version work fine, in Feb & Mar I get
> either "Kernel trap 9 with interrupts disabled" or I think the same
> thing with trap 26 (really not sure on that one).
> Next I took a brand new current from this evening and tried it - it
> still hangs, but a keypress on the keyboard pretty much always breaks
> it out of the hang and into a normal boot.
> Now, I finally got the equipment and time together to remote gdb the
> bad kernel and here's what I get:
> I set a breakpoint at cam_xpt.c::xpt_config() - this is where the
> "Waiting 15 seconds.." message is from and stepped down through it.  I
> get through the first xpt_for_all_busses (xptconfigbuscountfunc,...)
> and then I hit the second one (~line 6749 of cam_xpt.c) I pass through
> several things, including the xptconfigfunc() and end up in
> subr_autoconf.c::run_interrupt_driven_config_hooks().  At the bottom
> of this function there is a tsleep that gets called - this is
> apparently where it hangs.  If I hit a key on the keyboard it will
> continue on past this point and all seems to work fine from then on.

This is probably not it, but it's worth a peek.  Check your BIOS
settings and see if there's one that controls whether the USB
interrupt is enabled.  Make sure that this interrupt is enabled.  If
it's not, I know you can get hangs at exactly the point where the
"Waiting 15 seconds.." message comes out.

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