Harti Brandt wrote:
> On Fri, 20 Jul 2001, Yoshihiro Koya wrote:
> YK>I CVSuped at Thu Jul 19 11:33:58 UTC 2001, and did make world.
> YK>Then Xwrapper always exits on signal 11, and I cannot use X11 now.
> You need to recompile all ports using pam. See /usr/src/UPDATING.

Is there any extensive list of the ports that have a dependancy on libpam?

I can tell this is gonna be a pain, but hey, that's -current...

Such a list would be useful info...  Possibly for other system libraries as well for 
future changes to -current.

Just an idea, and I'm laying odds it would be a huge project to document system 
library dependancies for /usr/ports as a whole, but
for -current, such info could be handy.  I could volunteer some of my time, but 
honestly, I know I can't do it by myself if it
hasn't been done yet.

Maybe it could be documented by the port maintainers as to which system libraries a 
port uses as a standard procedure for adding a
port to -current, possibly with a additional option to make search such as "make 
search ldep=libpam" for instance?

IMHO, it would make -current less of a pain to deal with when fundamental library 
changes are made requiring ports to be recompiled.

We all know that such things are bound to happen in -current, indeed they must, but 
anything to make the transition easier at the
policy level would help!

Maybe we can get a team of people that can document such dependancies for future 
transistions, contact the port maintainers for
their help as available, and require such info for new ports?  I would volunteer my 
time, short as it is, for such an endeavor. 
I've done -current for heck, five or six years now, and EVERY time small fundamental 
changes are made, small bits get missed in the
transition, as well as it being a case of "if it breaks, recompile it without asking 
why" for the stuff that we all miss in such
transitions because the program is only rarely used.

I just tossing these out as suggestions, and I am offering to give what help I can to 
such a project.  First, there must be a policy
decision on the matter of port-inclusion requiring such a breakdown of system library 
dependancies, afterwards we should worry about
how to do this.

This goes beyond libpam into making life under -current, hard knocks as it is, at 
least much easier to deal with when small, but
fundamental changes are made to the base libraries themselves.

Once the initial work is done, it would be a simple matter of the port maintainer him 
or herself to do this. maybe under

I don't know about the utility of this to -RELEASE and -STABLE, but I'm sure it could 
come in handy there as well, in case of CERT
bulletins, etc, that require such small, but fundamental changes to libraries in the 
future on such platforms, and we all know that
is a possibility at any time even under -RELEASE and -STABLE.  This alone could 
justify it as a general FreeBSD ports inclusion
requirement, and not just applicable to -current.  Such documentation should originate 
in -current, and ultimately be left in when
it becomes -RELEASE and -STABLE, thus back-porting the documentation and inclusion 
guidelines to 4.x may not be necessary.

IMHO, this would solve one longstanding problem that -current has always had.  This 
would also allow some form of security-related
info [possibly using a package/port search utility] in the -RELEASE and STABLE version 
from 5.0-R onward for what needs to be
replaced/recompiled if/when a serious security flaw is found in a system library and 
it gets fixed.

Anyhow, back to the original question...  Does such a list already exist for libpam?

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