On 19 Jul, David Wolfskill wrote:

>>        It will just sit there forever until ctrl-c is hit.  Anyone knows
>>what's wrong?  Thanks.
> This was discussed (to some extent) aboust a week & a half ago in -current.
> It seems (pointed out by Alexander Leidinger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>)
> that -- for some of us, at least -- "sysctl -a" (used in the entropy
> harvesting by /etc/rc -- fails to terminate.

For me it terminates. I didn't have/had problems booting the system
(build Jul 6, not updated because I'm a little bit lazy to rebuild every
3rd party app which uses libpam).

> Also (again, for me) "sysctl -N -a" outputs a (non-terminating) stream of
>       net.inet.accf.373
> lines using my (slightly customized) kernel, but with GENERIC, it exhibits
> similar behavior, but outputs a stream of
>       net.inet.accf.372
> lines.

I didn't see this behavior.

If somebody wants the output of a verbose boot, my kernel config or
something else feel free to contact me.


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