Vincent Poy wrote:
> On Wed, 18 Jul 2001, Dima Dorfman wrote:
> > Vincent Poy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > > linking kernel.debug
> > > linprocfs.o: In function `_linprocfs_mount':
> > > /usr/src/sys/compat/linprocfs/linprocfs.c:748: undefined reference to
> > > `pfs_mount'
> >
> > You compiled in linprocfs but not pseudofs.  Don't do that: the former
> > depends on the latter.
>         Yeah, just realized that after reading the NOTES.  Is there
> already SVR4 compatibility from rc.conf or does it have to be in the
> kernel?

Vince, you can have it in your config, in this case loading it via rc.conf should fail 
saying it's already loaded.

Only load it in rc.conf iff it isn't statically compiled via your config file.

ET has one helluva sense of humor!
He's always anal-probing right-wing schizos!

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