* Daniel Eischen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [010720 17:00] wrote:
> Were we going to do anything to get rid of:
>   #define     stdin   (&__sF[0])
>   #define     stdout  (&__sF[1])
>   #define     stderr  (&__sF[2])
> for 5.0-release, or is the current fix the one we want to
> go with.  I don't know if we ever decided how it should be
> properly fixed, or if it should be fixed at all.

considering the recent breakage wrt to PAM i'm more than happy
to apply a diff to fix this.  flamage will be repsonded to in
my usual manner and we'll have the problem fixed.  please
submit patches.

-Alfred Perlstein [[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Ok, who wrote this damn function called '??'?
And why do my programs keep crashing in it?

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