> attached is a diff for rc.i386, rc.conf.5 and defaults/rc.conf which
> allows to enable the ACPI power management in rc.conf similar to
> apm_enable.

This is not a good idea; ACPI isn't "on" or "off", and by the time 
rc.conf is running it's too late to en/disable it.  There are several 
seperate policy items that need to be tweaked, and ideally the policy 
daemon will autodetect ACPI and quit if it's not supported, so it would 
be on all the time.

> It also removes a reference to the non existing acpi(9) from acpi(4).

Please don't do this; it's there specifically as a goad to me to write 
acpi(9), which I'm trying to get to sooner rather than later.

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