Hi, a friend of mine just forwarded this to me. I've just been looking
at writing graphical stuff, firstly screen savers for the console
using vgl. In fact we were talking about this exact idea just last
week. (As my code doesn't like being run in the kernel - because while
it's in devel it still does the occasioanal segfault - oops!)

So, I've got some work in progress for the application part of
this. Are there any plans on how the kernel might go about calling the
userland side of this, any docs, need proposals etc ?

Personally, I'm in favour, I *hate* the kld interface for
screensavers! However, I'm still using 4.3, is there a huge difference
with vgl/vesa in -current ? (I assume the userland end would want to
use vgl ?)

Oh one other thing, it would be nice if a screensaver could be linked
to a syscons vty and vgl access could be done without root perms. Or
something like that. I particularly like the idea that one could choose
their own screensaver if they are logged in and the system can have a default
of something else when the tty is waiting on getty.

So, I am VERY interested in seeing this move forward and can test
things, or perhaps code things, once I've reread the style guide!

> I will publish sample implementation once VESA support in -CURRENT
> stabilizes.

I've got a sample vgl screensaver type app that does a similar thing
to fire_saver.c, just not wrapped as a screensaver yet. (It does however
use al available CPU right now =))

        Steve Roome

P.S. I'm not subscribed to this list, so please include me in any replies.

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