On Wed, 25 Jul 2001, Kenneth Wayne Culver wrote:

> Well, I could do that, but I'd rather write a complete driver with all the
> regular interfaces... (open, close, ioctl, and a specific major/minor in
> the kernel, I'm going to add other chips to this driver eventually) The
> way you are suggesting just opens /dev/io and uses inb and outb to do some
> hacking around I believe.

You are absolutely correct. I was not suggesting this as the proper
approach, but as a throw-away checkpoint only (the mapping registers
seemed inconsistent between OS/motherboard combinations). I suppose
0x70 is for HWMon and 0x90 is for the SMBus function, in Via 686B.

Have you checked NetBSD, the seem to have a framework for temperature
alarms etc.


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