The panics in exit1() that have been reported on -stable appear to
be caused by these commits:

REV:            kern_exit.c         2001/07/25 17:21:46       dillon
REV:            kern_sig.c          2001/07/25 17:21:46       dillon

   MFC kern_exit.c 1.131, kern_sig.c 1.125 - bring SIGCHLD SIG_IGN signal
   handling in line with other operating systems.

These probably correspond to similar panics seen in -current, but I
haven't checked the details.

In the vmcore I just got, the panic occurred in the following
fragment in exit1(), when dereferencing p_sigacts (which is
p_procsig->ps_sigacts). I guess there is a race here if the parent
is exiting or something?

+       if ((p->p_pptr->p_procsig->ps_flag & PS_NOCLDWAIT)
+           || p->p_pptr->p_sigacts->ps_sigact[_SIG_IDX(SIGCHLD)] == SIG_IGN) {

Matt, I will just back out these changes from RELENG_4 shortly
until the issue is resolved. The change was non-essential and quite
contained, so it's probably better than waiting for a fix.


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