Am I desynched?  I went to single-user, tried to do a fsck -s, and found there is no 
such option.

Also, the /etc/fstab didn't need changed at all.  It is already proper.

Needless to say, going to single-user, running just `fsck -y /dev/ad0s1g` fixed the 
problem, although it noted no errors.

Could there be a bug in softupdates again?

Below is a copy of the top of the manpage for the version of fsck on my -current, and 
a copy of my [unmodified since ???]

FSCK(8)                 FreeBSD System Manager's Manual                FSCK(8)

     fsck - file system consistency check and interactive repair

     fsck [-dvplfyn] [-B | -F] [-l maxparallel] [-t fstype]
          [-T fstype:fsoptions] [special | node ...]

# Device                Mountpoint              FStype          Options         Dump   
/dev/ad0s1b             none                    swap            sw              0      
/dev/ad0s1a             /                       ufs             rw              1      
/dev/ad0s1e             /usr                    ufs             rw              2      
/dev/ad0s1f             /var                    ufs             rw              2      
/dev/ad0s1g             /home                   ufs             rw              2      
/dev/ad0s1h             /tmp                    ufs             rw              2      
/dev/ad1s1e             /misc                   ufs             rw              2      
/dev/da0s1              /ms-dog                 msdosfs         rw              0      
/dev/cd0c               /cdrom                  cd9660          ro,noauto       0      
proc                    /proc                   procfs          rw              0      
proc                    /usr/compat/linux/proc  linprocfs       rw              0      
#argus:/misc            /argus.misc             nfs             rw              0      

In case you feel like asking, my cheetah died, and all I could afford was a big IDE at 
the time, the 'cuda winblowz is on is still
alive tho...  One of these days...

Brian Somers wrote:
> The error means that your machine crashed with soft-updates enabled,
> leaving 14 blocks and 3 files still allocated on disk (using up
> blocks & inodes).
> If the error keeps turning up, I would guess that you have a 0 or
> empty fsck field in /etc/fstab and fsck -s therefore not fixing the
> problem.
> To fix it, correct fstab and run fsck -B.
> > I've never had this before, and I have traced the message to ufs/ffs/ffs_vnops.c 
>on line 634.
> >
> > I have recently noticed [since my last svsup] that this is happening on boot and 
>shutdown [in which case, the messasge is also in
> > the same file, but for umount conditions].
> >
> > I am not a filesystem expert..  How concerned should I be?
> >
> > This is -current a week or two old [before all the lockup threads began]...

ET has one helluva sense of humor!
He's always anal-probing right-wing schizos!

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