Paul <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
 > sorry to bug this list with this question.  I'd like to test the newer 
 > ray(4) driver that's in -CURRENT.  What snapshot should I install?  Is 
 > there anything else I should know before installing -CURRENT? (besides 
 > what the "cutting edge" section of the handbook says)

I just installed the latest snapshot available from (20010618, I think) and then went
from there to the latest sources using CVSup.  That
was on Thursday evening.  Buildworld etc. went without
a problem, and the box (a dual Celeron-466) is running
happily since then, with SMP enabled, Soft-updates and

Of course you should read src/UPDATING and have an eye
on this mailing list and on the commits.


PS:  My reason to try out -current was the umass driver.
I was hoping to get a USB-IDE box running, but it does
not look like it's willing to work with FreeBSD.  :(

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