I wrote:

> An increasing number of executables on that box are sporting ever
> newer mtimes.  This appears to have been going on ever since the
> Jul 25 update.  There is no clear pattern which executables are
> touched.  md5 comparisons with previous backup levels (using a Jul 13
> copy of md5) suggest that the executables have not been changed.

I have updated the box (HEAD from Friday, alpha).  The phenomenon
still persists.

I haven't observed any mtime changes on non-executable files.

I'm running a small program that uses a kqueue(2) EVFILT_VNODE/NOTE_ATTRIB
filter to watch for changes to /bin/*.  During the last few hours
some files there have changed their mtime without a kernel event
being triggered.  (An explicit touch(1) does trigger an event.)

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