linux ls fails on DEVFS /dev because linux_getdents fails because
linux_getdents uses VOP_READDIR( ..., &ncookies, &cookies ) instead of
VOP_READDIR( ..., NULL, NULL ) because it seems to need the offsets for
linux_dirent and sizeof(dirent) != sizeof(linux_dirent)...

If I eliminate the usage of cookies, then a ls on at least
a cd9660 mounted dir fails with not finding all direntries.

So the question is if all filesystems are expected to implement
the cookies != NULL case?

Wy doesn't a call to fstat on a directory set a st_blksize != 0?
Do directories have no preferred blocksize?
I ask because getdents(2) explicitly states one
should use stat(2) to get the minimum buffersize...

Michael Reifenberger
^.*Plaut.*$, IT, R/3 Basis, GPS

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