> >    To test your ACPI timer, first check to see which one you have.  Look 
> >    at the output of 'pciconf -lv'.  If you have an Intel chipset, chances
> Reviewing your last commit on the timer problem, I was a bit suprised
> to see so little chipsets defined as "good" (just PCI ID
> 0x71138086, rev > 0x03) and I wondered if the Intel 440MX chipset
> (82443MX Power Management Controller) in my notebook wasn't also
> "good".

I haven't had any to test with; I'd assume that the 440MX is using the 
PIIX4M core.

> I tried the timer_test at boot for about 15mins both with and without
> AC power, no warnings. Then I changed the cipset probe code to
> detect my device and it's been working without problems.

Thanks; I'll add your device ID - feedback like this is very useful.

> Another thing I've been wondering is why can't I suspend my
> machine to disk with ACPI or how do I do it.

This isn't supported at the moment; there will probably be keymap entries 
to do this once the suspend kinks are worked out.

> Usually with APM enabled I just press The Fn+F1 key combination
> to initiate suspend to disk, but this same key sequence doesn't
> do a thing when under ACPI. Is this supposed to work yet?

Under ACPI, the OS initiates sleep, not the BIOS, so the keyboard 
shortcuts aren't going to do anything.


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