> For quite a while now (?3-4 months?) one's terminal settings are messed
> up when rlogin'ing into a FreeBSD from a FreeBSD-current one.  It used to
> be I could rlogin from an 80x24 Xterm, and the terminal settings on the
> remote box would also be 80x24.  Now COLUMNS=80 and ROWS and TERMCAP
> isn't set, so a very large number is assumed.
> Does anyone know what changed?

Hmm. rlogind(8) on STABLE and CURRENT is effectively identical, and
the bug does not show on a CURRENT->CURRENT rlogin session.

> (someone has suggested the change came about when PAM's session model was
> changed)

Hmm. Maybe I need to MFC login(1) some more. Please try that, and if it
works, lets get it committed.

STABLE's PAM modules and support are quite a bit behind CURRENT's.

What are your /etc/pam.conf entries for "login"? See if borrowing
any CURRENT entries helps you.

Mark Murray
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