In some email I received from Bruce Evans, sie wrote:
> On Mon, 30 Jul 2001, Darren Reed wrote:
> > Using ktrace ref5, I created ~darrenr/ktrace.out with "ktrace -i cc ..."
> > but trying to print it I get:
> > % kdump -f ~/ktrace.out > lout
> > kdump: Cannot allocate memory
> > 
> > Is this stack corruption by kdump?  ref5:~darrenr/ktrace.out is available
> > for anyone who wants to diagnose this further.
> This is probably a corrupt ktrace record.  Atomic writing of ktrace
> records seems to have been broken in rev.1.37 of kern_ktrace.c.  I've
> only seen this problem when the output file is written to an nfs
> filesystem.

Hmmm, for what it's worth, running the ktrace command which caused that
broken ktrace.out file to be created, multiple times, resulted in it
being corrupt at the same location each time.


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