"David O'Brien" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 29, 2001 at 09:53:09PM -0400, Brian Fundakowski Feldman wrote:
> > I need to know, if OpenSSH is ever going to get MFC'ed, are there any people 
> > currently running OpenSSH 2.9 from -CURRENT's base and getting major 
> > problems with it?  Or even minor ones that actually make things more 
> You've never responded to requests from people asking what it would take
> to make things fall back to v1 gracefully.  We all know it is a "feature"
> that with a default configuration, it will try ssh2 first and if it is
> not able to authenticate (say you have no .ssh/authorized_keys2 file) the
> connection can fail.

I don't mean to disappoint, but I don't think it will be possible to fall 
back without creating modifications on both sides (both renogotiation of 
connection on the server side and client side, because the protocols are 
inherently different).

For what it's worth, I tend to simply set "Protocol 1,2" in my .ssh/config 
and for the default case, it works fine (just like it used to).  I don't 
want to make that policy decision, though, because we will be better off 
when everyone moves to the protocol version 2, so it's reasonable for the 
default to make things "difficult" to encourage the switch.  I support the 
OpenSSH developers' plan here.

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