At 9:53 PM -0400 7/29/01, Brian Fundakowski Feldman wrote:
>I need to know, if OpenSSH is ever going to get MFC'ed, are there any
>people  currently running OpenSSH 2.9 from -CURRENT's base and getting
>major  problems with it?  Or even minor ones that actually make things
>more  difficult?  [...]
>So let me know, ASAP, what problems you all are having with OpenSSH in
>-CURRENT, specifically in the FreeBSD-specific parts.  I'm also not
>certain of KRB4 and KRB5 auth still both work properly, and need that
>verified.  Thanks, everybody.

I have a machine at home which I dual-boot between -current and -stable.
I also have a MacOS 10 machine at home, which was running the version of
openssh that Scott Anguish had made available for MacOS 10 (and which
was newer than what Apple had put in 10.0.4).  I have had some problems
ssh-ing between the two machines when the freebsd machine is running
-current, but not when it is running -stable.

As luck would have it, I just upgraded my MacOS 10 system at home so
it has a newer version of openssh from apple, just about six hours ago.
So, I don't know if that's still a problem.  I also don't know for sure
if the problem was with Scott's version for MacOS 10, or with the version
in freebsd-current.  I will do some tests at home tomorrow morning, and
let you know how it works out.

I am not using KRB4 or KRB5, both machines are just standalone setups.

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