On 08-Aug-01 Sean Kelly wrote:
> I'm surry I don't have much data to provide, but...
> I've been experiencing random lockups on a -CURRENT kernel from the August
> 5th source.  I've gotten it a lot when running screen and ssh on two
> different terminals at the same time, but that is not the only time it
> happens.
> Hardware is a 1.2ghz Thunderbird on an ABIT KT7-RAID
> I'd attach dmesg output or tracebacks, but there are none.  It's just a
> solid lockup.  I'm getting no lockups with a kernel built on July 16th...
> Anybody else seeing this or have ideas how I can debug it further?  I'm not
> sure how to debug a full lockup.

Usually it involves an NMI switch. :(  Can you cvs (or cvsup) by dates on the
kernel sources to narrow down exactly what day (and possibly what commit)
causes these lockups?  I.e., does it work fine on August 4th, but break on
August 5th?


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