On 09-Aug-01 Mark Peek wrote:
> At 4:46 PM +0200 8/9/01, Harti Brandt wrote:
>>some time ago we reported a problem with pxeboot under -current (see below).
>>We have tried to track down the problem and it seems to be a bug or a
>>feature in gas or libbfd. It turns out, that the output from pxeldr before
>>the binutils-2.11 import on 5/29/2001 was 500 bytes long. After the import
>>the output has grown to 512 byte. The excess bytes contain a jump to the
>>address 512 and a number of NOPs. The result of this is, that the loader
>>image which is located imediately after pxeldr is shifted by 12 bytes
>>and the address calculations in pxeldr.s are wrong now.
>>Unfortunately we're not able to find out what new bug^h^h^hfeature of
>>gas or libbfd causes this behaviour. A simple workaround is to strip the
>>excess bytes from pxeldr just before building pxeboot, but that is REALLY
> It appears that gas is now properly padding the end of the text 
> section (and inserting the jmp and nops). This, in turn, misaligns 
> the loader that is tacked onto the end of the pxeldr. I'm currently 
> not setup to test pxeboot'ing but here's a patch that might fix it.

The disassembly looks right, I just don't have a means for testing it.


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