Hi folks:

Well, after threatening to do it for a long time, I finally sat down and
converted one of my ethernet drivers to use the bus_dma API so that I
no longer have to do things like call contigmalloc() and/or vtophys()
directly. The changes I made are to the driver in -current, and the
new code is at:


I have tested this driver on FreeBSD/x86 using a NatSemi DP83815
card (the Netgear FA312TX) and it seems to work fine for me. However,
I'm not 100% certain I used the busdma API properly in all cases.
If anyone with a busdma clue would care to look over the code and
see everything looks more or less legal, I would appreciate it. My
main concern is that I'm using bus_dma_load() and bus_dma_unload()
correctly (i.e. such that I'm not leaking any resources).

Unless anyone raises serious objections, I would like to commit this
code ASAP (the last test I really need to do is make sure it works
correctly on an alpha).


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