Hi. I have problem with sounde device on my notebook(Sony PCG-C1VSX/K)
If I kldload snd_ds1, then sound device is recognized as follows

pcm0: <Yamaha DS-1E (YMF754)> mem 0xfc108000-0xfc10ffff irq 9 at device 9.0 on pci0

;; % cat /dev/sndstat 
;; FreeBSD Audio Driver (newpcm) Aug  9 2001 23:38:44
;; Installed devices:
;; pcm0: <Yamaha DS-1E (YMF754)> at memory 0xfc108000 irq 9 (4p/2r/0v channels duplex 

I think sound device is recognized correctly at this time.
But then I play mp3 file with mpg123 following message appear and
sound device does not work.

/boot/kernel/kernel: lock order reversal
/boot/kernel/kernel: 1st 0xc14afc40 pcm0:3:play @ 
/boot/kernel/kernel: 2nd 0xc1484000 pcm0 @ 
/boot/kernel/kernel: pcm0: play interrupt timeout, channel dead

Yoichi Nakayama <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 E-ken, Dept. of Physics, Nagoya University 

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