On Sun, 12 Aug 2001 10:16:47 -0600, Nate Williams wrote:

>> > > :Finally, most keyboard/mouse/monitor switches don't work with
>> > > :FreeBSD;
>> > 
>> > This is actually not true.  I'd doubt that you've even tried many of them.
>> Boy, you are on one about me...
>> I have tried 5 switches.  At ClickArray, we have a large number
>> of Belkin Omniview switches.  I have one with firmware version
>> 1.9 at my desk, and freqiently use one with firmware version 1.6
>> in our lab, with the results I have described.
>Strange, as the group at Nokia is running quite a lot of them (Belkin
>OmniView and OmniCube) without any problems.
>I'm guessing it's operator error. :)
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I've seen the 'have to be on the machine while booting' behavior
using a Belkin Omniview Pro switch, which oddly, wasn't a problem
with their OmniCube switch, at least not with my machines. Windows
had as much, or more problems with not having the console on the
booting machine as fbsd though. Again, this is only my (one) data

I finally got fed up with the Belkin, because *windows* keep losing
it's mouse (or instead of just losing it, it would start sending
what appeared to be random button-press events for tracking events...)
and broke down and bought a Raritan KVM. Yep it is/was pricey, but it's
probably one of the purchases I've been happiest with, over the long
run.  Video quality ('doze and X displays) is much, *much* better than
the Belkin, and no machine has a problem booting without the console
pointing to it.

Just my $.02.


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