> Here is the _precise_ problem with older firmware:
> The Belkin KVM switch uses the "on->off->on" or "off->on->off"
> of this LED to signal a port change character is coming next,
> and times out the port change request only after a little
> while.

Ah, so the problem is actually a design defect in the Belkin switch.  
Nice to have that part confirmed.

> The fundamental problem here is that FreeBSD _resets_ a
> keyboard which has already been correctly reset by the BIOS,
> if it is present.

You can't be sure of this.  Just as we reset everything else we talk to,
we reset the keyboard.  Specific examples where *not* resetting things 
gets us into trouble can typically be found by looking for "when I reboot 
from Windows XYZ doesn't work".

> The FreeBSD keyboard detection is another matter; FreeBSD
> will assume that there is no keyboard, and try to "helpfully"
> drop you into serial console mode.

No it won't, unless you explicitly configure it.

> Some of this _used_ to
> be mitigated by checking for the "extended keyboard bit" in
> the "keyboard identify" BIOS call, but this was a problem
> for people with antique keyboards.

This is not the problem, as I have already mentioned in another message.  
BIOS vendors have *stopped* setting this bit.

> My suggestion for a probe in this case would be to set up
> a different handler for the reset signal, and then ask the
> keyboard to send the reset signal.  If it does, then there
> is a keyboard present.

Keyboard probing is a dead loss, which is why we don't do it by default.

> More ideally, the FreeBSD box would detect whether or not
> the video card had been disabled, and use _that_ to decide
> whether or not to use a keyboard.  It would become the job
> of the video driver -- be it a regular driver, or be it an
> LCD driver -- to make the distinction.

There is no standardised way of detecting whether a display has been 

> Absolutely ideally, FreeBSD would come up with the boot code
> on _both_ (this is an option), and then be told by the user
> to not use one of them -- or boot using _both_, until told
> to do otherwise.

We've tried this already; people didn't like it.

> This would _also_ solve the Alpha serial console dance.

Actually, it wouldn't, since we use the SRM console for quite a ways, and 
SRM doesn't do multi-source console I/O.  (And when you have a version of 
SRM that allows you to 'pull' the console by sending a few keystrokes, 
you can't work out where it's actually directed anyway.)

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