On 12-Aug-01 Joe Kelsey wrote:
> Thank you very much for the clear and cogent explanation of your
> philosophy of the psm code.  Could I suggest that you copy the
> aforementioned e-mail directly into the psm.c file for everyone to see
> in posterity?
> Also, I have a fundamental problem with device flags.  I believe that
> every situation which uses device flags should instead use sysctl
> variables, allowing easy manipulation at run-time.  Of course, there are
> no doubt situations not addressable at run-time, but these should be the
> rare special cases where a driver flag is used.

Patches accepted.  This is a volunteer project.  If you want to be productive,
work up a device attribute interface that allows devices to query attributes
and allows devices to be notified when outside events change their attributes. 
You should probably use kernel environment variables (like the hints we have
now) for setting attributes from the loader, and then use sysctl's to back the
runtime interface (IMO).  I realize the user side of the attributes is up for
debate, but working on solving this problem is much more problem than
complaining that people aren't giving you the free gift you want.


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