Gordon Tetlow wrote:
> This is such a great example of how tone can come across poorly in a text
> medium. I doubt (hope) that Joe didn't mean to come across as that. But
> tone in email is so often inferred based on the readers own moods, that
> phrasing email becomes much more important so as to not give the reader
> the wrong impression.
> This should be required reading for anyone considering posting to a
> FreeBSD mailing list.

My personal suggestion: it's nice to "be nice", but it's better
to be as nice as you can, and grow a thick skin.

This isn't me being facetious: many of the people involved
in FreeBSD are not coming to it as native speakers of English,
and most of the discussions on these lists are in English.  If
you insist on taking offense at every opportunity, or even at
half of them, then you will find yourself not getting along
very well.

-- Terry

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