In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Kazutaka YOKOTA 
: Anyway, I am now considering the following experiment.
: - We make the psm driver count the number of the "out-of-sync" errors.
: - When the error is detected for the first time, the psm driver will
:   throw few data bytes (up to entire packet size) and see if it can 
:   get back to sync.
: - If the error still persists, the psm driver disable/enable the mouse 
:   and see if it works.
: - If the error still persists and the count goes up to N (10 or 20?),
:   the psm driver reset and reinitialize the mouse. The counter
:   is reset to zero.
: Too complicated?

I like this idea.  It will allow mechanical KVM switches to "work"
better than they do now (which is to say, not much at all).  I also
have one KVM switch that hits the out-of-sync problem when its power
fails.  Unfortunately, it has a horrible user interface: The power
button and the switch console buttons are next to each other.

I assume that initializing the mouse is somewhat expensive and
something that you wish to avoid?


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