Hi all

I have a big commit planned for telnet(d).

You can see it at http://people.freebsd.org/~markm/patches/diff.cvs.gz

The main aims of the patch are to reduce the number of warnings
telnet(d) emits during compilation, and to properly merge the
differences between the "base" telnet and the crypto telnet in
src/crypto/telnet. a very small amount of style(9) work has been

In the future, I aim to have the "base" telnet generated entirely by
unifdef(1)'ing the crypto one. This commit does not achieve that goal,
and nor does it intend to - there are some other fixes that will come at
a later stage.

I have already asked for reviews on -audit. Those who are looking at my
patches should download again, because I have done some further fixes
and improvements.

I'll commit in three days from the date of this email if nothing comes

Mark Murray
Warning: this .sig is umop ap!sdn

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