>Kazutaka YOKOTA wrote:
>> When the machine wakes up from the suspend mode by the APM (and ACPI?)
>> BIOS, it is considered the BIOS's responsibility to restore the
>> peripheral devices' state. And in fact most laptop machines are able
>> to restore their internal pointing devices correctly. The only
>> exceptions which I know of, to date, are some early models of Toshiba
>> Librette and some models from Sony VAIO which has VersaPad.
>I have a VAIO PCG-XG29; basically, I've just been shrugging
>my shoulders, alt-consoling the thing, and then restarting
>moused to make things happy

Send HUP to moused(8). I suspect that should just work.

>but if
>you want, the code I've been working on lately just passed off
>its acceptance testing today, so I could go through and put
>some comments in the code and send it off to you, and you can
>edit it and use it for a future commit.

Thank you. I am interested.

>So... (1) Would this be useful, and (2) if so, do you prefer
>diffs against -current or -stable?  (all of my work systems are
>-stable, but I could check out a -current work directory for
>this specifically).

psm.c in -CURRENT and -STABLE differ only slightly. Diffs against
either of the two will be fine.


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