On Wed, 15 Aug 2001, Julian Elischer wrote:

> the midway driver.. has the folowing comment.
>             855: #ifdef NBURST
>             856:   /* be careful. kernel stack is only 8K */
>             857:   u_int8_t buffer[BOUNDARY * 2 + 64 * (NBURSTS + ....
> well, that may have been true on NetBSD where this came from, but not in
> FreeBSD.. Sure Upages is 2 but the U-area in it takes up 4.5 KB
> leaving 3.5KB for the stack..

This is for i386's.  I think it's actually 3.5KB for the effective user
area and 4.5KB for the stack.  The user area has size 4160 here and
there's a struct kinfo_proc at the end of it which is not used in
active user areas.

When the above code was imported, the effective user area was much
smaller.  It was bloated more than 2K by supporting 128 signals instead
of 32.  Some signal data scales with _SIG_MAXSIG^2.


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