Julian Elischer wrote:
> > If it is to be counted as my only achivement on -core that I timed
> > out SLICE and DEVFS, I'll still be proud of what I did there.
> Well you timed them out without askling the developer what he had in the
> wings and that was more than impolite, it was stupid, because most of the
> shortcomings of devfs and SLICE had been solved and all I was waiting for
> was the CAM switchover, so that I didn't have to do everything twice.

It's not his only accomplishment.  He also helped kill LFS
by moving it to the attic, and killed block devices, even
though we know that the Apple DVD code needed both block and
character versions of a disk device to support the DVDFS and
the ISO9660FS at the same time.  The block device issue is a
sore point, since it's now practically impossible to generate
tapes with odd byte boundaries instead of full records (thus
causing an implicit "conv=sysnc", even if you don't want one).

I seem to remember you supporting him killing block devices...

-- Terry

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