On 16-Aug-01 John Baldwin wrote:
> On 16-Aug-01 David O'Brien wrote:
>># uname -a
>> FreeBSD phuong.nuxi.com 5.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 5.0-CURRENT #12: Sun Jul 15
>> 19:07:45 PDT 2001    
>> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/files/Current/sys/alpha/compile/DS20  alpha
> Looks like a trapsignal() in trap() is being called w/o Giant.  I'll look at
> it.

Oh, I see why this is busted.  If we take a trap in the kernel while holding
Giant and it ends up doing a goto to 'out' we may unlock Giant while in the
kernel.  I'll try a different approach in a second: just grab Giant around


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